You Are Invited to the Party!

Celebration Sunday – March 17
Speakers – Rev. Greg Ward and Rev. Dana Worsnop
Come celebrate the abundance and generosity, the good work and the possibilities of this congregation with a special luncheon after church on Sunday March 17.
Together in the service we will make our pledges to the congregation for the coming year. Then we will throw ourselves a grand Thank You! Party.
There is so much to celebrate and give thanks for. The Unitarian Universalist Church of Ventura has been living more fully and more deeply into our vision Beloved Community and our mission making a difference, of nurturing health, wholeness and hope in the world.
We are at a key point in the life of the church, welcoming new spirit and new voices, tenderly caring for one another, reaching out in love to our homeless, our immigrant, our LGBTQ neighbors and friends, and the precious Earth which we call home. Our Religious Education classes are overflowing.
The abundance of our love, the liveliness of our spirits, the strength of our commitment has never been so clear. In the midst of a rollercoaster of culture and politics, we carry the light of reason, compassion, and hope. Our guest preacher will be Rev. Greg Ward, interim minister in our Santa Monica congregation.
Rev. Greg is a gifted storyteller, an inspiring speaker who brings a blending of depth and humor. He was born in Southern California and was practically raised at de Benneville Pines. (He also helped inspire Rev. Dana’s call to ministry back in his seminary days in Berkeley.)
This is a Sunday not to be missed! There is so much to celebrate. So come to the party on March 17, make your pledge to support the continuing mission of this vibrant community, and let the celebrations begin.