All Generations

The Church of All Creatures

An All-Generations Animal Blessing Service Critters on leashes, in carriers, or in cages are invited to worship with us. Photos of pets who are too large or rambunctious to come, as well as teddy bears and other stuffed animals, will also receive blessings. Worship Associate Jim Merrill

True Gratitude

All-Generations Thanksgiving and Bread Communion service. Please bring bread (in bite-sized pieces) for communion. Worship Associate Chuck Samonsky and Director of Religious Education Emily Carroll

Hope Blooming: An All-Generations Flower Communion Service

Worship Associate Celia Ortenberg Bring a flower from your garden or from the corner store – bright and sassy or delicate and sweet. We will put our flowers into a common bower and at the end of church everyone will go home with a different flower. This uniquely Unitarian Universalist Flower Communion ritual symbolizes the … Continued

Awakening Young Souls

An All-Generations RE Sunday – Rev. Dana Worsnop and Worship Associate Tanner Linden.