Rev. Carolyn Price

Dealer’s Choice

May’s theme is Creativity. Worship Associate: Maura Raffensperger

For Eleanor Rigby

It’s said that one purpose of religious community is to foster human wholeness. We’ll explore this, asking what can we do to feel more connected?  Worship Associate Celia Ortenberg

All Through the Night

How is it that some seem to go through life with an inborn gift that allows them to dwell in hope, not fear; that makes it possible for them – despite loss – not only to love, but to persist in love? Today’s sermon explores the theme of trust. It asks: what does it mean to trust? And how might … Continued


A look at some of the key narratives of our faith tradition, and how our own lives and times inform the core narratives that direct us, encourage us, and may even save us. Worship Associate Andy Edgar-Beltran

“Hush Harbors, Spirituals and Carrying Faith Inside”

This sermon explores African religion, and the transformation of this religion under the shadow of slavery in America. It looks at the power of a people, after they were forbidden to practice their faith in a new and hard land, to learn how to carry that faith inside them. It traces the development of the … Continued

The Fallen Sky

Today, through music, story, and word – with a sprinkling of humor – we wrestle with what it means to be a UU when times are at their worst and we are beset by personal pain or suffering. What does our free faith, one without a singular God or certain reality, offer us at such … Continued

Spending Light

At the height of his talent the poet Milton went completely blind. In response, he penned one of his greatest works.  Today’s sermon seeks to suggest ways, despite the obstacles, we can be reconciled through religion (ours!) to a higher truth and – perhaps – to a contemporary form of salvation. Unitarian Universalist Church of … Continued

Believing What We See

I believe there is an indwelling beauty to this earth, and to life upon it. This is true even though I read the news every day, and how bad it is out there. There is beauty all around us, if we learn (or remember) how to search for it, and to fully harness it in … Continued