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Ventura church brings new, old friends together for lunch to put spotlight on hunger  (Nov. 19, 2015)

Volunteers took about 80 homeless people to lunch Thursday in Ventura, as part of a church program that aims to raise awareness of hunger in the community. Mary Lou and Bob Taylor of Oxnard didn’t know who they’d be meeting for lunch Thursday as they headed toward the Busy Bee

Letter: Many ways to help the homeless  (Nov. 5, 2015) (from Lift Up Your Voice member Chris Rutter)

Re: your Nov. 5 article “€œKind offer spurs others”€: It has been very heartwarming to read about the special dinner offered to the struggling residents of the Ventura County Rescue Mission and the women and children at the Lighthouse for Women & Children shelter, and the many offers to help

Advocacy work pays off:

Ventura agrees to hold public workshop on homelessness solutions (Oct. 23, 2015)

During a special meeting with members of the faith community, Ventura city officials agreed to hold a public workshop on the city’s homelessness issue early next year. Facing mounting frustration from faith and social service leaders over a perceived lack of action on homelessness, Ventura officials have agreed to host a public workshop to tackle the issue.


Lift Up Your Voice co-sponsors event:

Event tonight in Ventura focuses on ending homelessness (March 12, 2015)

Learn how you can be part of a solution, at a workshop Thursday night in Ventura. Learn about what faith communities and other organizations are doing to end homelessness, and how your group can be part of the solution, at a workshop Thursday night in Ventura. Called Partners for


From our partner at Community Action:

Timothy Hockett: The homeless reveal the depth of our poverty (Feb. 21, 2015)

Re: Paul D. White’s Feb. 15 guest column, “How to end homelessness? No extra services”: Mr. White claims that homelessness is the result of “stubborn, inner, ‘moral poverty,'” exacerbated by “misguided sympathy” and “no-obligation services” promulgated by the faith community. He enjoins the do-gooders to stop. Re: Paul D. White’s


Faith leaders call for action to end homelessness in Ventura (Jan. 29, 2015)

A group gathered at the foot of the Ventura City Hall on Thursday, calling on business, faith, civic and community leaders to finally, at last, once and for all, end ­homelessness. A group gathered at the foot of the Ventura City Hall on Thursday, calling on business, faith, civic and…


LIft Up Your Voice Supports Affordable Housing at the Ventura City Council – (Nov. 20, 2012)



Service honors local homeless who have died (December 2010)

Memorial Speaker, Jonathan Light, comments on the need for homeless shelter (December, 2010)

Work begins on Ventura affordable housing complex (December 2010)

Jazz musicians, homeless work to change perceptions (August 2010)

Homeless veterans get a hand up at Stand Down Serving those in need (August 2010)

Homeless veterans get relief at event – Stand Down provides benefits, time in court (July 2010)

Ventura program allows people to legally sleep in cars (February 2010)

Editorial:Hard times continue (January 2010)

Ventura OKs transitional apartments for homeless… (December 2009)

Homeless who died during past year includes 28 from Ventura (December 2009)

Homeless who have died to be remembered  (December 2009)

A time to remember the county’s homeless (December 2009)

Rally for Homeless Spurs Ventura into action (May 2009)

Editorial: Ventura tackles homelessness (May 2009)

Letter to the Editor from Tom Berg (May 2009)

Service held for victims who died whille homeless (December 2008)

A year-round shelter for whom? (May 2010)

Friend’s mental illness a window into utter despair (February 2010)

Dale Montgomery: Optimistic about the future (February 2010)

The power of art to inspire and heal (December 2009)

Where do the homeless go? (December 2009)

Finding my way with a little help from my friends (November 2009)

She wanted better and she didn’t give up (October 2009)

Homeless in Ventura: ‘The tears of days’ (September 2009)


Ventura Breeze

Unitarian Church sponsors Hidden Ventura


VC Reporter

Santa Clara River bottom cleanup exposes bigger problem

The Face of Homelessness (December 2010)


View the 2010 Memorial Service held on Sunday, December 19th at 3PM in Plaza Park.

View the 2011 Memorial Serivce held on Sunday, December 18th at 3PM in Plaza Park.


Press Releases

Ventura Clergy Unite to End Homelessness

Memorial Service To Honor Ventura Homeless

State & National Press

Los Angeles: In America today, just about anything that you might want can be found at your local mall: clothing, restaurants, and specialty shops all conveniently crammed together in one inviting complex. Borrowing from the effective “one-stop” model, PATH created the PATHMall, a unique kind of mall designed to offer support for the homeless. At the PATHMall homeless people can literally “shop” for services provided by over 20 on-site social service providers, all under one roof!

(read more about PATH in Los Angeles)

San Antonio Creates 37-Acre ‘Haven for Hope Campus for Homeless Residents: San Antonio, Texas has established a new 37-acre campus to provide the city’s homeless population with shelter and comprehensive care.

(San Diego) One-Stop Shop Homeless Center Planned for Downtown