house_in_handsIn the work to end homelessness in Ventura, there are many identified constituencies: people who are homeless, governmental agencies, elected officials, the business community, faith communities, law enforcement, neighborhood associations, private citizens, non-profits, etc. Often people have seen these groups as natural adversaries rather than common stake-holders.

Lift Up Your Voice seeks to build relationships across boundaries to meet the challenges which impact all of us. We also strive to hold our elected officials and city government accountable.

Recently, we asked our constituents to support the Ventura Planning Commission ‘s proposed Zoning Plan.

Action Opportunities:

  • Grow the intentionally diverse coalition through participation
  • Support or Host a Special Event or Hidden Ventura
  • Host one of our two Photo/Story Exhibits or refer a prospect to LUYV
  • Share your gifts and talents, and areas of expertise (i.e. writing, art instruction, public speaking)
To explore one or more Action Opportunities please contact the Lift Up Your Voice Coordinator