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Homelessness is not new…


As economic conditions continue to be challenging, more of our neighbors than ever before are at risk.

sleeping_on_the_streetConsider these facts:

  • An average of 600 residents are homeless daily in the city of Ventura; an additional 21,000 are at risk of becoming homeless.
  • Ventura has no year round emergency shelter.
  • Ventura has the highest number of people experiencing homelessness in the county; most often they are long-time residents.
  • One out of every five residents in Ventura is one incident away from homelessness.
  • Our homeless neighbors are most often long-time residents, not transients passing through from somewhere else.
  • The majority of our homeless neighbors are invisible, not seen as they sleep in their cars or campers and get up and go to work every morning.
  • Many of our homeless neighbors have jobs and most are educated through high school with at least some college education.
  • Most of our homeless neighbors will eventually work their way back to a more stable living situation, but not without first enduring tremendous hardship.
  • Approximately 25% of our homeless residents are veterans.
  • A small percentage of homeless people are chronically homeless. They often suffer from some form of mental illness or have a serious disability. They may be self-medicated on drugs or alcohol to the point of chronic dependency.



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