Social justice is an important part of our mission at UUCV.  Our members are passionate about issues around homelessness, environmental justice, education, human rights, and many individual issues.Demonstation against homelessness at city hall

Our Social Action Coordinating Committee supports this commitment by empowering and supporting action teams within our congregation. Through these groups, SACC provides members and friends opportunities to act upon their UU principles as they learn more about social justice issues, provide direct service, advocate for systemic change, and strategically distribute their resources.

Volunteer works with kids with a native plants garden project

Current Action Teams 

Members and friends of the church an find out more about forming an action team from Social Action Chair, Lety Ball, or any committee members.

Giving Away the Offering
Each week our congregation gives away its entire offering to other groups to support our values in the community and the larger world. This is another way we show our commitment to be part of the change we want to see in the world,

The Big Picture Film Series

In addition, each month the Social Action Coordinating Committee sponsors screening of films that explore root causes of social and/or environmental action issues.

A former minister leading a group in a fracking protest
Former UUCV Asst. Minister Pyle leads an anti-fracking march.