Our May Theme is Curiosity

We UUs are a curious lot. Curiosity, questing and questioning, wondering is a core value we share. Curiosity can be a spiritual practice. We enjoy learning and growing often for its own sake, and yet curiosity can carry us deep into questions whose answers can change us. Where has your curiosity carried you? What have you learned about yourself and the world? What do you still seek to know? What have been the consequences of your curiosity? UU minister and poet Victoria Safford writes, “To see, simply to look and to see, is an ethical act…; to see, with open eyes, is a spiritual practice and thus a risk…. It can open you to ways of knowing the world and loving it that will lead to inevitable consequences.” She tells us an “awakened eye” is conscious, willful, even brave. “To see things as they are, each in its own truth, will make you very vulnerable.” Hmm… the consequences of curiosity. A spiritual practice of curiosity is more about more than gleeful discovery. Curiosity taken as a spiritual practice will inevitably leave us changed.