Notes from the President’s Desk – Jan., 2019

 “Good endings make for good beginnings”

A phrase that I first heard at the UUCV and that I have found to be true. With all of the troubles that 2018 brought, I hope that there was also sunshine  in your life and, no matter what your current situation, that you are looking  forward to the promise of a fresh start with 2019.

Unlike the Calendar year our Church year runs from July 1 to June 30. That means we are at the mid-year point and due for some reflection in keeping with the season. The UUCV turned 60 last November and I doubt that our founders would recognize our church today given their humble beginnings.

Evidence of those early days can be found in the photos in Berg Hall back in the corner by the piano. The folks who started this congregation didn’t have very much. They didn’t own a building to call their own, they hardly had any money, the minister was the only paid staff. What did they have?

They had each other and a Vision of liberal religion. That still holds true for us today. Clearly, we have exceeded anything that could have been imagined by our founders. When I think about the UUCV (which is often) my thoughts are about the growth of the congregation spiritually, our Social Action ministries, our Religious Education programming, our Worship experiences, and how these activities help us live into our values.

We are a growing, vibrant congregation that is actively engaged in several lay ministries that include aiding the homeless, protecting our environment, human rights, immigration, and economic justice. We show up at City and County meetings, at rallies, vigils, marches, and a host of meetings attended by our partners in the community. These are some of the many ways that Members and Friends of the UUCV walk the talk of our 7 Principles.

Our Children’s Religious Education program is amazing! The energy of the volunteer teachers, the engagement of the kids, and the enthusiasm of the parents reflect the hard work of our DRE Emily Carroll and all who volunteer and help with this ministry.

We are engaged in a new 5-year planning process to discern who we are and where we want to go, creating a new vision and updating our mission with the help of the 5-4-5 Team. This important work involves all of us and turns out best when you include your voice in the processes that are planned to be able to hear your input for our future.

Our financial picture is a source of concern but is seen as manageable with more information to be discussed at our Congregational Conversation on the 27th. The meeting will provide information that will help the Finance Budget Team in the development of our next budget for 2019-20. This will be a big step in charting a course to “right sizing” our congregation.

These are just some of the reasons why we are a healthy congregation. We have much to offer each other, our local community, and the world. That’s a really great place to begin as we start our journey into the possibilities of 2019.

Living in Paradise,
Bryan Buck, UUCV Board President