Notes from the President’s Desk – April, 2019

With three months left in this church year it seems like a good time for a reminder and some thanks. First, coming up on Sunday, June 9 we will hold our Annual Meeting following the church service. We have a “Slate” of candidates for positions on the Board, Leadership Committee, and the Endowment and Memorial Fund Committees to vote upon. We will also be voting to approve our budget for the 2019-2020 church year. Please be sure to save this date. Your participation in the process reflects our living out the 5th Principle: “The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large.”

The Slate of Candidates will be posted in advance for everyone’s review. Like the other committees and teams that the church has, these positions are filled by volunteers. The difference is that our By-Laws require a vote of the congregation to approve these folks as representatives on our behalf. That’s because the positions on the Slate involve granting our highest level of trust to members who will be looking out for the interests of the UUCV. A big Thank You goes to the Leadership Development Committee for presenting this Slate of Candidates to the congregation.

I have always seen Volunteerism as a spiritual practice, a kind of ministry, that makes a difference in the world or in someone’s life. Here, at the UUCV, no matter what your contribution please know that every effort creates a ripple that inspires. The sharing of one’s time and talent is a gift asked of all members. We do these things because we want to help make the church a better place for all. So, whether you see yourself as one or not, everyone at the UUCV is a leader because you choose to be a positive force for the common good. Amen!

This column is being written before the final results of Celebration Sunday are known. As we close in on creating the budget for 2019-20, committing to the financial support of the church is the last piece that the budget sub-committee needs to complete their work. What I can say about the event is that the sermon by Rev. Greg Ward was deeply meaningful and highlighted the importance of supporting liberal religion in our communities. A special thank you goes to Rev. Dana for bringing it all together, and to Erica Duffy and her team for the wonderful party that followed.

Which brings me to a last word of thanks to you, our members and friends, who support the UUCV with your treasure of a monthly pledge. All of us, with our hopes and our dreams make possible the beloved community that is the Unitarian Universalist Church of Ventura. On behalf of the Board of Trustee’s, for continuing the legacy given to us by those who came before, for sharing today with those who are here now, and for providing to those unknown to us a spiritual beacon, Thank You!
Living in Paradise,
Bryan Buck, UUCV Board President