News from Religious Education

Dear UUCV Community,

This month we explore what it means to be a people of trust, and one way we do that is by creating covenant. Every congregation has covenanted to “affirm and promote” our 7 Principles and at the end of that statement, it continues ”As free congregations we enter into this covenant, promising to one another our mutual trust and support.” That is a beautiful north star or guide post as we interact with each other, and yet we fall short!

Despite the horror of God deciding to destroy most life with a flood in the story of Noah, there is a beautiful mention of promises I’d like to lift up from the Bible: “And as a sign of my covenant with you I will put a rainbow in the clouds. And every time you see a rainbow it will remind you of our covenant to create and preserve life.”Genesis 9:12-13

So in this rainy season when I’ve already seen several rainbows, I invite you to consider the north stars of your own life and remember what guides you. We are here to support each other, love each other, and bring out the best in each other in community, as we are a people who crave love, connection, and belonging.

May we remember and trust that change is possible, and love each other tenderly as we work to change the world. In the words of Katie Covey, “When trust is broken, we are wounded, and wounds leave scars… Sometimes, our own Unitarian Universalist denomination betrayed the trust of Unitarian Universalist people of color… Right now, by telling stories and understanding racism, we are trying to take steps to create the trust we wish we had.”

Armfuls of love,

Emily Carroll

Director of Religious Education