News from Children’s Religious Education – June, 2019

This month we ponder beauty, and it reminds me of a lesson I learned at Deer Park Monastery earlier this year. Sister Dang Nghiem shared when we are not present in the moment but swept away with worries and thoughts for the future, beauty in a sunset, lake, or a beloved one’s smile is not really there. It is there, but it’s not there for us when we have not cultivated mindfulness. True beauty surrounds us all the time, and it’s about our capacity to become aware of it and develop our gratitude.

We are delighted to close out the school year and give our 35+
volunteer teachers a break this summer! They put countless hours
into making the classrooms a fun, engaging, positive, and important
learning experience for our children and youth, and we cannot thank
them enough! I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Rogers: “Anyone who
does anything to help a child in [their] life is a hero to me.”

Our summer curriculum starts with a mask-making project for
children in grades 3 and up that involves Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s
Journey and forming masks to our face with wet gauze that casts
are made of! Younger kids will enjoy a musical curriculum that
incorporates gardens and games.

With Love and Gratitude,
Emily Carroll, Director of Religious Education