Minister’s Column – June, 2019

It is ironic that in these times when there are so many ways to communicate – old fashioned to high tech – that we all seem less well-informed. I know that with information overload, I tend to skim a lot of what I read, and so I miss much of what I’m trying to find out.

We have a Publicity Team at UU Ventura to help communicate more effectively. They are Kitty Merrill, Joe Osborne, and Kate Higgins with staff support from Jennifer Luce. They should be your first stop for publicizing events, reachable at or

What follows is a crib sheet of ways to communicate and an “ideal” timeline.
I remind you of two more things: First, the best ways to communicate are even more “old-fashioned” than our newsletter. They are good ol’ word of mouth and personal invitations. Second, communication is a two-way street. People have to get the word out, early and often. And the rest of us need to LISTEN and READ.

Getting the Word Out at UU Ventura
Best timeline – Using an event that happens in November for a framework:

3 months ahead: August
Newsletter deadline (3rd Sunday) – submit a Save the Date item or just something brief about event for the September newsletter at Also send this to the Administrator to get into UUCV This Week, so that Save the Date alert will go out 5-6 weeks before the event itself.

2 months ahead: September
Write a longer item for the October newsletter (100-200 words).
Put up flyers around church/community.
Post something on internal FB page.

These word limits are real. We need to share time and space. The administrator can (and will) trim longer items to fit UUCV This Week and the order of service if you prefer not to.
Be in touch with the Publicity Team and/or the Congregational Administrator for help and guidance and assistance through this process.

1 month ahead: October
Submit a 2nd, different & longer item for November newsletter (100-200 words).
Shorter item for UUCV This Week (50-75 words).
Even shorter item for the back of the order of service which will run 3-4 weeks ahead (25-50 words).
Another FB post for the internal FB page.
If appropriate, a FB post for the public page.
Ask someone from the Publicity Team to post (and possibly boost) this item.
Put card stock announcement on tables in Berg Hall.

Month of Event: November
An email to the minister or worship associate asking for a pulpit announcement. They will make a brief oral announcement referring to details in the OoS for 1-2 weeks prior to the event.
For really big events (congregation and/or community wide), ask minister/
administrator to send an email blast 1-3 days ahead of the event. (We keep these to a minimum to keep them effective.)

With Faith in Community,
Rev. Dana