Covenant between the Director of Religious Education, the RE Committee, the Members, and the Children of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Ventura

We know that:

  • The children in our congregation will have a great
    impact on the world and our congregation throughout their lifetimes
  • Our religious education program plays an important part in teaching our children our core values
  • Every member of the congregation has a role to play in teaching our children
  • Being part of a religious community gives us the opportunity to honor and respect differences.  Additionally, we are challenged to speak directly and remain in relationship, even through disagreement
  • Parents need support in teaching their children about Unitarian Universalism including its principles and sources

Therefore, we the members of the RE Committee, the RE Teachers, and the Coordinator of Religious Education, promise that we will:

  • Provide a nurturing, caring, and welcoming environment for the children in our congregation to learn about Unitarian Universalism and our principles through intentional thoughtful programming
  • Respect the diversity of paths in our tradition, speak openly and honestly of our own beliefs, but not indoctrinate children toward our thinking
  • Encourage children to speak openly and honestly about their beliefs and the beliefs of their families and friends
  • Create and foster opportunities to develop relationships with the children that are meaningful beyond the time spent in the classroom on Sundays
  • Model and teach our children direct and loving communication
  • Engage in dialog with the families of the children to help them understand what is being taught in the classroom

We ask the other adults in our congregation to:

  • Act as role models of our Unitarian Universalist principles
  • Be mindful to honor the diversity of paths in our tradition in all conversations with the children
  • Volunteer their time or share their special gifts with the children in RE
  • Bring comments, questions, concerns, ideas, or suggestions about the RE program to the Director of Religious Education or the RE Committee

In addition, we ask parents to:

  • Engage in dialog with their child’s teachers to understand what is being taught in the classroom
  • Discuss what is being covered in RE with their child and where possible relate it to their families’ life and experiences
  • Discuss their values and beliefs with their children and help them to form their own
  • Make reasonable attempts to bring their children to church regularly so they may make connections as well as benefit from a cohesive understanding of the lessons in their classroom
  • Engage in direct communication with the RE committee, Teachers, or Coordinator of Religious Education if they have any concerns about their child’s experiences at church

Finally we ask the children in the RE program to:

  • Respect the beliefs of others, and be willing to share their own
  • Think about what they are learning in RE and how it relates to their life beyond the church
  • Talk to each other in ways that are loving and honest, even when there is a disagreement
  • Reach out and include others, especially children new to the church
  • Treat their fellow students with respect and caring

We are the church of the open mind, the loving heart, and the helping hands.