IMG_7516Our Mission

The mission of the Religious Education program of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Ventura is to nurture and honor the spiritual growth and identity of our children, youth and families.
Our congregation–centered program provides a living faith foundation based on UU principles and sources.
We create an environment that allows children to develop their own personal beliefs and celebrates the diversity of religious traditions.
Together we are a force for justice and love in the community and the larger world.

Our Program
Our Religious Education (RE) program strives to nurture spiritual growth, develop personal religious beliefs, foster trust in community and humanity, and encourage living a life that makes a difference.

Our program focuses on:
•The principles, purposes and sources of Unitarian Universalism.
•The moral and ethical obligations we have to all those with whom we share the earth.
•Understanding world religions and cultures.
•Methods of spiritual expression, connection and inspiration which bind us to that which is sacred.

We strive to provide a foundation for the children of our congregation to grow and mature into the adults we know they can be. As the culmination of the program, high school seniors take part in a “bridging ceremony”. Part of this includes making a statement of their beliefs and values before the entire congregation.