Finance Committee

Paying for the ongoing operation of any church is always challenging because the primary source of revenue, pledged donations, is constantly changing. Members come and go and their willingness and ability to donate ebbs and flows. Economic conditions change as we move through the business cycle that defines our national economy. The finance committee of this church analyzes the data for income and expenses and creates the annual budget. It is important that the budget map, as closely as possible, the expenses of the coming year and the income that is expected. Annual budgets and monthly financial statements are readily to members of this church, and they are welcome to attend committee meetings.

The committee is composed of six members, including the treasurer, and the minister is an ex officio member. The fiscal year starts July 1, and the annual budget is adopted by the congregation at its June annual meeting. Members of the finance committee sometimes have business or financial experience but this is not always the case and is not required. Sometimes we jokingly refer to the spiritual experiences one might have in finance committee meetings, but for those who do the work, it can be as satisfying as providing for your own family’s financial security, health and happiness.

David M. Smith, Finance Committee Chair,, 805-216-9331