Endowment Committee and Memorial Fund Committees

Permanent Endowment Fund

The bylaws state the Congregation shall establish and maintain in perpetuity an Endowment Fund for the purpose of ensuring the long term financial stability of the Church, to support its mission as expressed in the Congregation’s Mission Statement, and to facilitate achieving the congregation’s vision.

The Governing Board of the Endowment Fund shall be the duly elected trustees of the Ventura Unitarian Universalist Memorial Foundation, acting in a dual but separate capacity under the church bylaws and the policies and procedures subsequently adopted for this purpose by the Congregation.

It is intended for the Permanent Endowment Fund to reach a minimum balance before any expenditure is made from the Fund. Thus, all income and realized and unrealized gain to the Fund shall be accumulated until the value of the fund is at least $50,000. The balance in the Endowment Fund at November 30, 2015 was $7,493

Memorial Foundation

The Ventura Unitarian Universalist Memorial Foundation is an organization separate from the Unitarian Universalist Church of Ventura.

The balance in the Memorial Foundation at November 30, 2015 was $91