New member lights a candle from the chalice to symbolize her entry into the congregation
A new member lights a candle at a New Membership Recognition Ceremony.

The decision to become a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Ventura represents an important milestone in your spiritual journey.  (If you haven’t visited us yet, be sure to see what to expect at our services.)  In joining us, you are making a public statement that you want to become more involved in the celebration and services of our community life, and, committing yourself to become part of our liberal religious presence in western Ventura County. Usually, this is how one becomes a member of our community:

Signing the Membership Book is the beginning of a new relationship. As a member of this congregation you are a full participant in our on-going ministry. We urge you to get involved in ways that both nourish you spiritually and challenge you to give of yourself for others. How you do that is up to you, but know that we covenant to be on this spiritual journey together so you are not alone. We welcome you and the unique gifts you bring to share with this congregation and our larger movement.membership_chalice

 If you have any other questions about membership, please feel free to talk with anyone at the Connecting Center in the Berg Hall on Sunday after services.