Buddhist Meditation – Friendship Sangha of the Heart 

The Friendship Sangha of the Heart practices mindfulness meditation in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh.  We gather every Monday for an  evening of meditation which includes silent sitting meditation, silent walking meditation, inspirational readings, music, singing, chanting, and an opportunity to share about our meditation practice. This weekly program … Continued

CUUPS Ventura, Celebrating Earth Centered Spirituality

The Covenant of UU Pagans (CUUPs) at UUCV is a group whose members honor the cycle of the seasons and explore Earth centered spiritual practices.

Together, the group learns about Paganism and how to do small, large, or individual rituals; learns and sings chants, and makes music; and establishes sacred space.The group extols loving the planet and one other.  Both experienced Pagans and those who are just curious and want to learn are welcome… Continued



Seminar in Humanist Philosophy

This seminar begins its eleventh year this fall. Participants discuss assigned readings on the nature of social ethics, which would advance human welfare, and on scientific methodology as the source of provisional truth about the universe and its denizens. Analytic thinking, rather than recall, is the modus operandi. One can enter the seminar at any … Continued


Committed Men’s Groups

Committed Men’s Groups meet regularly in a small group format to listen and share deeply with each other. Anyone interested in  being in a Committed Men’s Group should contact Chris CdeBaca or Gary Zinik. The Men’s Groups now operate a google group email list as a means to post announcements and upcoming events to the …Continued

Men’s Discussion Group

Each week the attending members choose a few important issues for a lively discussion. Most of the issues are economic and/or political. They strive to insure that each person has an opportunity to contribute his ideas and concerns. Days: Every Tuesday Time: 10:00-11:00 am Location: Conference Room Contact: Bill Peltola.

UUCV Men’s Breakfast Bunch

The UUCV “Mostly Senior Men” meet on the first Saturday of the month for breakfast and social conversation. All UUCV men are welcome. Days: First Saturdays Time: 9:00 am Location: Marie Callender Restaurant on Victoria Ave. Contact: Ray Escobedo

Open Men’s Support Group

Men talk about more than sports and politics in the Open Men’s Support Group. All men in the UU community are welcome to attend this group to enjoy fellowship, camaraderie and personal sharing. Days: First and Third Thursdays Time: 7:00-9:00 pm Location: Garage meeting room Contact: Dale Condra, 212-0242, dalecondra@juno.com or men@uuventura.org


Women’s Voices Discussion Group

The attending members of the group choose a few topics and ideas for discussion. Issues and topics can be written articles, women’s issues, political and current events, including breaking news. Participating members will have an opportunity to contribute their ideas and concerns and to enjoy each other’s company. Days: First & Third Tuesdays Time: 10:00-11:00 … Continued

Women’s Support Groups

Women’s Support Groups are open to women who are members and friends of the church.  The groups provide ongoing sharing and support to one another in a small group setting.  Some groups also work on deepening their spiritual practice in various ways, as in addressing the worship themes, considering Parker Palmer’s touchstones, etc.  Therefore Women’s … Continued

Women’s Mini-Retreat

The Mini Retreat serves as a day for women to relax and leave everyday life behind. It is a time to bond with the women of our church and to learn new things. It also serves as a fundraiser for scholarships to the Annual Women’s Retreat in the Spring. It gives a one day experience … Continued

Women’s Retreat

The Women’s Retreat has been an annual event for close to 30 years. It remains one of the favorite events of the year. It is held in a beautiful old mansion that has been converted to a retreat house and is owned and run by the brothers of Mr. Calvary. With a combination of nicely … Continued