Inreach/Outreach Committee

Since 2012, we’ve been giving away our entire offering each week to help others. Three times a year, the Inreach/Outreach Committee solicits and accepts applications from groups interested in receiving an offering. They make the application information available to the congregation, and arrange a time for an open vote by the entire congregation to decide who the … Continued

Endowment Committee and Memorial Fund Committees

Permanent Endowment Fund The bylaws state the Congregation shall establish and maintain in perpetuity an Endowment Fund for the purpose of ensuring the long term financial stability of the Church, to support its mission as expressed in the Congregation’s Mission Statement, and to facilitate achieving the congregation’s vision. The Governing Board of the Endowment Fund … Continued

Buildings and Grounds

The Buildings and Grounds Committee is responsible for the upkeep of our church building and the grounds. Buildings and Grounds Stewardship Saturday takes place on the third Saturday of every month from 9 AM until 12 noon. Please feel free to attend as your schedule allows. During Stewardship Saturday we take on repair and upkeep projects … Continued

Finance Committee

Paying for the ongoing operation of any church is always challenging because the primary source of revenue, pledged donations, is constantly changing. Members come and go and their willingness and ability to donate ebbs and flows. Economic conditions change as we move through the business cycle that defines our national economy. The finance committee of … Continued

Leadership Development Committee

(Formerly Nominating Committee) The Leadership Development Committee serves two purposes: Identify members willing and able to fill elected leadership positions within the congregation; Encourage the development of lay leadership participation and skills among members and friends of all ages through programs and mentoring. The Leadership Committee works to develop a slate of prospective candidates to fill elected … Continued

Membership Committee

Membership Committee maintains a Welcome Table and a Visitor Information Table every Sunday, offers orientation classes for those seeking membership, provides Greeters for Sunday Services, participates in a  New Member Recognition twice a year, and helps integrate new members into congregational life. Contact Gudrun Eastham, Chair.

Religious Education Committee

The Religious Education Committee meets the third Wednesday of every month at church unless otherwise noted. The RE Committee seeks volunteer members to guide the development and direction of the RE program.  In the upcoming year, the RE Committee will continue to maintain and develop exciting programmatic, worship, and community ideas.   We meet once … Continued

Social Action Coordinating Committee

Our Social Action Coordinating Committee supports UUCV’s commitment to active engagement in justice efforts of all kinds by supporting church members who wish to form their own action teams around different issues. Through these groups, members and friends act out their UU principles in a variety of different ways: whether by providing direct services, working as allies with … Continued

Stewardship Committee

The congregation’s stewardship program raises money for church operations from the church membership through an annual campaign. As David Smith describes it, “Our challenge is to sustain this church so that it continues as a beacon of light and love for Ventura County and the world.” Contact David Smith or David Henkel for more information.

Committee on Ministry

The Committee on Ministry is charged with providing support and guidance to the Minister and members of the Congregation. Our goal is to be helpful, uphold our Covenant, and promote “right relations” within the church. If you have a problem or concern with the minister or other church members, feel free to contact a member … Continued