Past Newsletter Columns

Quotes to Reflect On

Notes from the President’s Desk – July, 2019This month’s column is selected quotes I have used over the last two years. I hope that you will enjoy them, reflect upon them, and be moved to action by those that are most meaningful to you. “This is no time for a casual faith.” – Susan Frederick-Grey, … Continued

Minister’s Column

June, 2019 – It is ironic that in these times when there are so many ways to communicate – old fashioned to high tech – that we all seem less well-informed. I know that with information overload, I tend to skim a lot of what I read, and so I miss much of what I’m … Continued

Notes From the President’s Desk – June, 2019

Church Leadership is a topic that recently came up in a discussion with the participants of the Beloved Conversations group. 15 members from UUCV have been participating in this program which seeks to create an intentional space for folks to talk about race and racism – in our personal lives, in the congregation and beyond. … Continued

News from Children’s Religious Education – June, 2019

This month we ponder beauty, and it reminds me of a lesson I learned at Deer Park Monastery earlier this year. Sister Dang Nghiem shared when we are not present in the moment but swept away with worries and thoughts for the future, beauty in a sunset, lake, or a beloved one’s smile is not … Continued

Notes From the President’s Desk – May, 2019

In April the Finance Committee recommended a budget for 2019-2020 to the Board. The process for creating the budget began as part of the Congregational Conversation and a mid-year review held last January. It’s fair to say that we intentionally moved up the process of preparing a budget by a couple of months. The size … Continued

Minister’s Column – May, 2019

No one ever joins a church because they want to serve on a committee,” is common wisdom. It is even largely – though not always – true. This is part of why folks who study church dynamics (and there are people who make a living at it) suggest churches move away from forming more committees. … Continued

NEWS from the Religious Education Director

Last month I went to an 8-day centering prayer retreat at a Benedictine monastery outside Aspen! Most people are intrigued by the grand silence (i.e. not even eye contact), but the silence isn’t the end goal. The silence creates an interior atmosphere where the real concerns of life can rise up, where I can deepen … Continued

Minister’s Column – April, 2019

I am writing to you a day after a wonderful Celebration Sunday. There was laughter and spirit and commitment flowing through the sanctuary and Berg Hall. It was a fabulous kick-off to a successful stewardship drive for our 2019-2020 fiscal year. I am so grateful for the multi-faceted generosity of this amazing congregation. If you … Continued

Notes from the President’s Desk – April, 2019

With three months left in this church year it seems like a good time for a reminder and some thanks. First, coming up on Sunday, June 9 we will hold our Annual Meeting following the church service. We have a “Slate” of candidates for positions on the Board, Leadership Committee, and the Endowment and Memorial … Continued