Past Newsletter Columns

Notes from the President’s Desk – March, 2019

On January 27th the Board held a Congregational Conversation about our finances. It was the first ever mid-year presentation of a UUCV budget and included a discussion of the beginning baseline for the 2019-2020 budget. There were 94 people in attendance which was fantastic! We learned some things from the meeting. One is that financial … Continued

Minister’s Column – March, 2019

A few Sundays ago I taught y’all to sing Narrow Bridge, with lyrics adapted from Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, an 18th century Jewish sage, mystic, storyteller. His words inspired Jews in the Holocaust, and someone put them to music. He wrote: All the world is just a narrow bridge, And above all is not to … Continued

News from Religious Education

Dear UUCV Community, This month we explore what it means to be a people of trust, and one way we do that is by creating covenant. Every congregation has covenanted to “affirm and promote” our 7 Principles and at the end of that statement, it continues ”As free congregations we enter into this covenant, promising … Continued

Notes from the President’s Desk – Feb. 2019

In looking for signs of an early Spring, like a Groundhog shadow or a Valentine’s Day card, I hope everyone has noticed the outside of our building was recently painted. There is a freshness to the church exterior that reflects the care and attention given to it by our Buildings and Grounds Team (B & … Continued

Minister’s Column – Feb. 2019

I love the image of the Hindu god Indra’s net, stretching out in all directions, weaving the universe in place. At each intersection where the strands cross each other sits a glittering jewel, and each jewel reflects the light of every other jewel. So what happens to one jewel, happens to all. A net or … Continued

Notes from the President’s Desk – Jan., 2019

 “Good endings make for good beginnings” A phrase that I first heard at the UUCV and that I have found to be true. With all of the troubles that 2018 brought, I hope that there was also sunshine  in your life and, no matter what your current situation, that you are looking  forward to the … Continued

Minister’s Column – Jan. 2019

With the New Year I offer this refresher on my schedule, how best to reach me, and other (hopefully) useful info. My workweek is Saturday through Thursday. Friday is my day off, Saturday is my writing day, and Sunday is, well, Sunday. After church comes my standing date with Barzillai the Cat. I lie on … Continued

Notes from the President’s Desk – December 2018

As I write this month’s column the November election results are known to us all. My own level of anxiousness concerning politics has been somewhat reduced. Time once again to move forward even though there will be continued drama in Washington. At least this time around I have a sense of Hope that the moral … Continued

Minister’s Column – November, 2018

Back in 2006 at a retreat, Board of Trustees did a visioning exercise asking: If the church were a person, how old would s/he be? What kind of person, what stage of life? They gave the church-as-person the gender neutral name Robin. Twelve years ago, they thought Robin was a teenager on the cusp of … Continued