Immigration Rights – Call for Volunteers

Volunteering & Donating to Tijuana Shelters

Please see this informative guide, “Solidarity for Refugee Caravans in Tijuana”, especially if you plan on going to TJ. This guide was created by folks working on the ground in TJ. It includes information on the various needs of the different shelters (Benito Juarez, Enclave Caracol, Casa del Migrante, etc.), who to contact, and how you can go about volunteering. I encourage you all to share this information with your networks.

Legal Observers and Lawyers Needed in Tijuana

The situation at the border is dire. Last weekend, immigration agents used tear gas and pepper spray on individuals and families seeking asylum. A humanitarian crisis exists with inadequate shelter and resources in Tijuana’s sports stadium shelter for the thousands of people who migrated together, hoping to present themselves at the border.

There is a constant need for legal observers and attorneys for many weeks and months to come. Please consider traveling to Tijuana to help if you are able.

NLG-LA Board Co-President Gilbert Saucedo is traveling to volunteer in Tijuana on Saturday (for the weekend); if you are interested in coordinating with him, email him at NLG-LA Immigration Committee Chair Pasquale Lombardo is likely traveling to Tijuana on Sunday (through early next week); email him at

Please fill out Al Otro Lado’s volunteer form if you can travel to Tijuana in the coming days/weeks: