Ministers on the chancel ringing the gong for medititionWhether you’ve been going to religious services all your life or never imagined yourself checking out a church, you are welcome here!

We gather in worship to find meaning and live more deeply. Worship creates connections within, among, and beyond us, calling us to our better selves, calling us to live with wisdom and compassion.

Elements of our typical Sunday morning worship service include:

  • Words of welcome
  • Lighting a flaming chalice, the symbol of our faith
  • We collect food and other non-perishable items for Project Understanding
  • A  “story for all ages”
  • Music, both instrumental and vocal and in a variety of styles
  • A time for lifting up the joys and concerns of the congregation
  • A meditation or prayer
  • Readings—ancient or contemporary
  • A sermon given by a professional minister, a guest speaker, or a member of the congregation
  • An offering, collecting financial donations for justice work in the community and beyond.
  • Our service typically ends with the congregation joining hands for a simple closing song.


The content of the service of the readings, hymns, and sermon–reflect how our religious tradition, affirms many sources of wisdom. The sermon might illuminate a Buddhist concept. There might be a reading from a contemporary writer. A member might share some original music inspired by the worship theme. Find out more about Unitarian Universalism, please see our More UU Websites section.

telling a story with the children on the chancelIf you are visiting with children, they are welcome to join in the Religious Education classes. Children sit with their families at the start of the service and go to their classes after a children’s story. Infants and toddlers are cared for in a nursery staffed with trained aides and plenty of age-appropriate toys to play with. Or if you prefer, children are welcome to stay with you during the entire service. Find out more about our Children’s Religious Education and adult programs in the Learning section.

After the service, we hope you’ll stay for social hour and let us get to know you better. In addition to Sunday services, there are many activities going on weekly that you might enjoy (see our monthly newsletter and our Events Calendar). Please stop by the Connecting Center in Berg Hall after services for more information.