When Will it Ever End?

Rev. Dana Worsnop

A memorial service for those who have died by gun violence. Worsnop Associate Sue Brinkmeyer.

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What Members Say

When I moved to Ventura, I left many good friends behind. I needed to find a community, where I could connect and make some new friends. I found UU online and found some activities of interest. It was easy to meet up with interesting people who are so open, curious and involved in the world around them.

I love this church! Rev. Dana is awesome, everyone is warm and welcoming, and there are lots of activities to participate in every day of the week.

My family has attended this church for 13 years, since my daughter was four. The UU Church of Ventura has been a warm and welcoming place for my children to grow up.  It has been a supportive and open spiritual community.