Letting Go

The Venerable Kusala Bhikshu

The Venerable Kusala, an American born Buddhist monk, will reflect on the causes of attachment and clinging, and the challenge of letting go. Kusala has spoken many times at UUCV sharing his wisdom, humor and music. Worship Associates Joe Hutchins and Celia Ortenberg.  Music by the UUCV Choir.

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What Members Say

What a wonderful place to learn about wonderful things! I am free to express what I want here, without judgement. I have met the most interesting people here, laughed and cried in the sermons openly without shame and found a try community which supports you on any spiritual journey you wish to explore. The amazing children's program is full of wonderful projects my kids are loving. So many fun non religious groups and events here open to the public such as yoga, tai-chi, movie night, book clubs, support groups. I absolutely love the UU community and invite everyone in Ventura to come by!

Highly recommended, Sunday mornings especially but there is something great happening almost any time!

Great spiritual community! My wife and I attend when we visit our son's family in Port Hueneme.