October 23, 2014
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LIft Up Your Voice Supports Affordable Housing at the Ventura City Council



Ventura clears out illegal homeless camps in river bottom
Service honors local homeless who have died (December 2010)
Memorial Speaker, Jonathan Light, comments on the need for homeless shelter (December 2010)
Work begins on Ventura affordable housing complex(December 2010) 
Editorial:Hard times continue (January 2010)








Written by Donald Sommerfield 

Where do the homeless go? (December 2009)

Ventura Breeze


VC Reporter

Santa Clara River bottom cleanup exposes bigger problem



The Face of Homelessness (December 2010)



Press Releases



Memorial Service To Honor Ventura Homeless


State & National Press

Los Angeles: In America today, just about anything that you might want can be found at your local mall: clothing, restaurants, and specialty shops all conveniently crammed together in one inviting complex. Borrowing from the effective “one-stop” model, PATH created the PATHMall, a unique kind of mall designed to offer support for the homeless. At the PATHMall homeless people can literally “shop” for services provided by over 20 on-site social service providers, all under one roof! 
(read more about PATH in Los Angeles)

San Antonio Creates 37-Acre ‘Haven for Hope Campus for Homeless Residents: San Antonio, Texas has established a new 37-acre campus to provide the city's homeless population with shelter and comprehensive care.




(San Diego) One-Stop Shop Homeless Center Planned for Downtown


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