Ministerial Search Committee
Members of the Ministerial Search Committee (Back row: Kitty Merrill, Janice Frank, Gretchen Buck, David Henkel, Kent Brinkmeyer; Front row: Silvia Hutchins, Celia Ortenberg)

The Ministerial Search committee, also known as MSC, was formed by polling the entire congregation for nominees, finalized by a vote of the congregation and appointment by the board in June of 2015. They are working with Ken Collier, our district adviser, and UUA staff in the Transitions Office in Boston to ensure that UUCV gets the minister who will be the best fit for our church.

The job of the committee is to prepare materials to present to ministers who are in search, to review the ministers’ materials and to select likely candidates, then make a final selection through more in-depth review of their materials, interviews and by observing them in the pulpit.

The first document presented, UUCV’s Congregational Record, contains general information about the congregation; it was released at the beginning of November. A Congregational Information Packet, which provides interested candidates with more details about the church, will be finalized in December.

The search committee will meet their top choices for minister in person during pre-candidating, which takes place during February and March. The minister who is selected is then invited to meet the congregation during Candidating Week, later in the spring of 2016. Following two sermons and a week-long visit, members will vote on whether or not to call the candidate to be our next settled minister; 90-95% of the congregation must approve the selection or we will have to start the search process all over. At that point, the committee’s duties will be discharged, and the committee will disband.

Find out more about the committee’s activities through reports and updates in the church newsletter, On Common Ground and on the bulletin board in Berg Hall, or by asking someone wearing toy binoculars.

MSC Binoculars