Board Members with Rev. Dana Worsnop
(2016-17 UUCV Board From left to right: Mark Gale, Jim Waldron, Vel Linden-Akseven, Bryan Buck, Kassy Erickson, (bottom row:) Chuck Samonsky, Rev. Dana Worsnop and Kimberly Prieto)

Board of Trustees

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Ventura holds elections of trustees annually at the Annual Meeting each June.

The 2016-17 Board of Trustees are:

President: Bryan Buck

Vice President: Chuck Samonsky

Secretary: Vel Linden-Akseven

Treasurer: Jim Waldron

Trustees at Large: Kimberly Prieto, Mark Gale, Katherine (Kassy) Erickson

The President, Treasurer and one Trustee-at-Large are elected for two-year terms in even-numbered years; the Secretary and two Trustees-at-Large are elected for two-year terms in odd-numbered years; the Vice-President is elected annually.  Board candidates are put forward by the Leadership Development Committee.

The board meets on the 3rd Thursday at 6 p.m. in the conference room (near the piano). Members are welcome to attend at any time. 

 Other Elected Leaders
Appointed by the Board 
Ministry and Operations Team Lay Members
Ministry and Operations Team members: Dorothy Wootan and Jim Merrill.
Ministry and Operations Team (MOT) Lay Members – Jim Merrill and Dorothy Wootan (The minister is the third member.)
Chairs of the following committees:
Leadership Development – Katie Turner
Finance – David Smith
Building and Grounds – no chair
Membership – Gudrun Eastham
Children’s RE- Erica Duffy
Social Action – Lety Ball
Adult Programs – Steve Jacobsen
Spiritual Growth (Acting) – Beverly Jordan
Assoc. District Rep. – Jim Merrill
Publicity – Kitty Merrill