Art as a Spiritual Practice

Worship Associate Celia Ortenberg will be joined by artists from the Green Room Gallery to share how their art and their spiritual practice are intertwined, and how this informs their lives.

Bridging the Gap Between the Disabled and the Able-Bodied

At the age of one, Keith Bonchek was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, compounded by a severe hearing impairment. His parents were told that he would never speak, walk or drive. Today he does all of this and much more. Now president of Beyond Disabilities Inc., he speaks to groups around the nation. We are thrilled … Continued

On Judaism

Worship Associates Joe Hutchins and Andy Edgar Beltran

Our Unitarian Universalist Sources

Ross Quinn, whose parents were founding members of this congregation, returns to speak of our Unitarian Universalist Sources and how they speak to us today. Worship Associates:Sue Brinkmeyer and Celia Ortenberg

The Hindu Way of Life

Pandit Manuj Dutt, priest from Hindu Temple in Ventura, will discuss Hindu rituals and their significance, and how the Hindu way of living is informed by those rituals. Worship Associate Maura Raffensperger.

Who’s Your Daddy?

The theme for June is Blessing. Worship Associate Celia Ortenberg