Final Association District Representative Report

The role of Association District Rep­resentative was, for many years, coordinated by Pacific Southwest Dis­trict (PSWD) Administrative staff. It existed to maintain informal and infor­mational communications among the congregations of the district (PSWD) and the Association (UUA). The posi­tion was held for several years by the late Kitty McConkie, and then by me, Jim Merrill.

As a result of recent administrative changes, the ADR role ceased to be sup­ported by PSWD/PWR (Pacific Western Region) staff. As a PSWD Trustee for two years and then President of the PSWD Board of Trustees for the last three years, I continued to provide updates and informational columns to this newsletter about district-specific and some asso­ciational issues. My term as President concluded June 30, so I no longer have any official connection to the district, region, or association. Hence, this is my last ADR report.

I am aware, however, of topics around our UUCV congregation’s relationship to the PSWD, to Camp de Benneville Pines, and to the Region and Associa­tion that I may be able to help explain in occasional columns with the indulgence of our intrepid newsletter editors.

We Merrills have been advocates of and participants in greater involvement in district and associational affairs (PSWD District and PWR Regional Assemblies and UUA General Assemblies) for the sake of trends in our movement beyond our congregation.

The publication UU World – – is one way all of us can keep up. Our congregation’s Leadership Development Committee maintains a budget to support lay mem­bers’ participation in broader district, regional, and associational affairs.

I’faith, Jim Merrill