Buildings and Grounds – July, 2018

by Linda Pietrzak

During the months of May and June, Building and Grounds had help with several projects. The Covenant Group consisting of Susan Franzblau, Phoebe Higgins, Diane Wamsley, Veronica Bear, Mary Jo Kusiak, Joyce Lombard, Helen McPherson, Peggy Anders, and Mary Kay Lambert, painted reflective arrows at the entry as well as the posts marking the entry while adding reflectors. We thank them for coming up with a much-needed project.

I heard from Kathy Powell and Sally Shampine that some of our Safe Sleep guests were pulling weeds along the Ralston side of the church. When I checked on Sunday there were three large trash bags full of weeds with roots. I also heard Ruth Owens took time to pull weeds between church activities. Way to go Ruth, good use of spare time. I guess this is a big hint for what needs to be done at the July Work Party.

New Building and Grounds Chair

We welcome Wil Devine as the new B&G chair. I met him and his wife Haibiba Peterson when Beverly Jordan introduced us. She said they were interested in getting involved with Building and Grounds. Wil came to meetings, Work Parties, and got to know all the other committees that B&G interacts with. His goal is to increase the number of volunteers and have B&G work in collaboration with other committees in the church.

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