The Latest from 7PEAT – June, 2018

by Mark Mendelsohn

Get the free Recycle Coach app (, which includes complete information and schedules for our Ventura waste and recycling pro­gram, available now for App Store Download or Google Play Download, as well as your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, or simply their website. Now there’s fantastic and extensive info about recycling, pre-cycling, and other waste diversion techniques immediately available at your fingertips or voice command! The information is catered to your street address; Ventura has the most info already loaded, but Ojai, Camarillo, Oxnard, and other communi­ties are not far behind! The Recycle Coach platform will help transform our cities into even greater stewards of the planet and increase our landfill diversion rate, currently at 74%. Email any questions.

Global Big Day Report-back: eBird recently emailed us, “On 5 May 2018, you helped set a birding world record. Your eBird lists joined reports from nearly 30,000 fellow eBirders, tally­ing 6,924 species as a global team: 2/3 of the world’s birds in 24 hours. This is a new world record for the number of bird species reported in one day. Thank you.” We observed 26 species in less than an hour at the Ventura Settling Ponds.