Minister’s Column – June, 2018

Spring seems such an apt time for the theme of Bless­ing, especially here on the Central Coast of Califor­nia. Long before serving this congregation in Ventura was even a gleam in my eye, I always said that this coast had the best climate in the world. Especially in spring when the abundance and blessing of living here is so evi­dent.

Yes, fires, mudslides, not to mention earthquakes, are among the hazards of living in the Golden State. The climate is changing in unpredictable ways. And June Gloom may yet descend upon us.

And still we are blessed. For we have community to rely upon, to lean into for sup­port and sustenance. We know that other people need us and we need them. We find here comfort and inspiration.

Yes, the world seems fraught and uncertain. The truth seems to have become a moving target. Our neighbors are too often afraid and turning inward.

And still we are blessed. For ours is a free faith, seeking ever to learn, uncovering new truth. We are guided by principles, which hold us to account and carry us through the rough terrain. We seek to know our place in creation and live lightly on the earth.

Yes, there are too many people without homes or too close to it. We live in a culture of income inequality, greed or indiffer­ence in the face of poverty We are a land built on the strength in diversity, yet we build walls against the next immigrants.

And still we are blessed. For we are a covenantal community, living by our values, knowing that we need not think alike to love alike. Together there is so much we can accomplish. The world is a kinder, more just and loving place because we are here.

I continue to feel so blessed to have been called to live and serve among you. This is just our second year together, and I imagine so much more good and many blessings ahead.

With love, Rev. Dana