Inreach/Outreach News – June, 2018

These organizations will receive the collection from the service on the following dates:

June 3: PSWD (Pacific Southwest District) YRUU (Young Religious Unitarian Universalists) Board is the governing body of the youth agency in the Pacific Southwest District of the UUA. The organization empowers youth and adults working with youth in their spiri­tual growth; encourages cooperation between local, district, and regional youth groups; provides a greater understanding of Unitarian Universalism; encourages development of independence and responsibility; and assists youth in developing an effective system of social action. Our goal is to involve all youth in life changing programming and foster the growth of lifelong Unitarian Universalists.

June 10: LUYV Park Outreach helps the homeless men and women who are in our city parks find their way forward in life as we meet them as friends and as people worthy of dignity, respect, and life necessities. We provide bus passes necessary to access One Stop where they can get health coverage, food stamps, assistance with jobs, and help from case managers as well as sign up for all available services. We help people with whom we form relationships complete the steps they need to take to move toward housing. This work is a reminder that there is no available year-round shelter, no place for homeless to go during the day and a lack of adequate low-income housing.

June 17: Ventura Homeless Prevention Fund 100% of your donation goes to prevent homelessness for people currently residing in the city of Ventura. The fund pays the rent which a means a temporary loss of income or one-time unexpected expense for a hospital stay, car repair or funeral does not result in eviction. 50% of Ventura’s homelessness can be PREVENTED simply by keeping people in their current residence when an emergency expense arises.

June 24: UUCV Inreach/Outreach The fund provides assistance to those in our local and church community who may be in need of help.

Recent Inreach/Outreach Recipients

Your generosity toward those who ask for our help continues to be amazing.

April 22: Ventura Homeless Prevention – $790.13

April 29: SMART Recovery – $622.75

May 6: ACLU Summer Institute – $655.50

May 13: National Center for Science Education– $420.13

Thanks so much for all your generous donations.