Buildings and Grounds – June, 2018

by Linda Pietrzak

When I sent out the announcement for the Work Party, four people responded they would not be attending. What a blow to our work force I thought! But this is the UU Church of Ventura and we show up!

An even-dozen volunteers showed up for the May Work Party. After spending several months working along the Ralston side, they tackled the neglected back of the church. Rob March, Toni Carbonneau, Ted Lombard, George and Ruth Owens, Jim Whitney, Mark Fargo, Phil Wiseman, and Wil Devine filled up the three toters AND 17 large trash bags with weeds, leaves, and other organic debris. Pine needles were piled up as a ground cover to keep the weeds down. Jim Whitney and Ruth pulled a few token weeds from the Ralston side of the church. Toni, Mark, Jim, and Ted swept the parking lot. George swept the trash enclosure. Merle Oberg worked on the ancient, often vandalized irrigation system. Mike Sixbey and Wil worked on the HVAC enclosures, getting ready to make more repairs. Linda Pietrzak cut up boxes that the furniture for the Outdoor Sanctuary came in.

As busy as everyone was, they took time to have some snacks and visit. Getting to know each other is one of the really great benefits of coming out to the Work Parties.

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Two Men next to a pickup truck full of trash bags
Phil Wiseman and Rob March with half of the green waste from the church parking lot.