Lift Up Your Voice (LUYV) – May, 2018

by Kathy Powell

The preliminary numbers from the homeless count are in; Ventura County is up about 13%.

One of our long time LUYV members who has worked on various efforts and events was musing the other night. She has befriended one of the people without housing and now the issues are so much more real, directly impacting someone she knows. She says now the issues weigh heavy on her mind and she is finding it a bit more difficult to sleep.

I share with you a poem Persistence by Brian Galetto from his book Not So Simple, Observations on Poverty and People. Sometimes words from others help convey the need, Ask us how you can help.


Driving down Main Street

I see a man my age sorting through

Trash cans, collection currency

Early morning

Even the sun isn’t awake

A few hours later a lady

In her sixtiesSifts through rubbish

Revealing her social status

These situations aren’t specific

To Ventura County

Nor are they only California’s conun­drum

Homelessness and poverty are seen

In major cities across the country

How can we help the homeless?

I’m so happy you asked.