News from Religious Education – May, 2018

Dear UUCV Community,

How about a riddle?
It has no name until you name it, no form until you shape it. Touch its spark and let it light you; give it life and it will revive you. (Adapted from a poem by Jane in the Soul Matters packet).

Do you take a guess? It is creativity! How wonderful to think of creativity as something that revives you and sets you alight, so long as you tap into it, and give it a try!

My grandmother was told as a child she couldn’t draw and stopped considering herself creative. In her 50s she found crafting and is now an artist! She makes beautiful paper books, cards, and bookmarks with ephemera, stamps, and more.

Creativity is more about willingness to play than having a particular talent! May this be a call to cultivate creativity and play in innovation, dropping all comparison and expecting to fail along the way.

“Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world.” Brené Brown

How do you share your soul with the world?

Emily Carroll, Director of Religious Education