Social Action (LUYV) – March, 2018

Lift Up Your Voice (LUYV) To End Homelessness
by Kathy Powell

Last month we held the Annual Homeless Neighbor Memorial. I always look to that day with admittedly some dread but also anticipation. It is a time for so many in this community to honor and grieve for the folks who died in our county. We had a full house this year and people who weren’t able to have a proper funeral for their loved ones were able to memorialize their people. Many thanks to all the clergy who celebrated this day, to the volunteers who organized this and made the day happen and the people who came just to bear witness and honor our holy souls who left us this year.

There are many of our congregation assisting at the warming shelter this year as volunteers. We have people working night shifts setting up, serving food and helping with showers. We also have a team who weekly go to Food Share and collect a week’s worth of food to give out for dessert and breakfast as people leave. Our teams are having a bit of friendly competition as we only can use the food that is free at Food Share and I think Yukio, Madeline, Kent and Sue may be winning with 800+ pounds one week they gathered and delivered.

Lift Up Your Voice has two boxes in Berg Hall for donations to our homeless outreaches. We need freshly laundered clothes, jackets, shoes, blankets, sleeping bags, backpacks or luggage. These things are so valuable as we go out into the community.

Please remember our folks live outside with no access to electricity. Lately we have been getting donations of dvds, electronics and other things they wouldn’t be able to use. I will speak for myself that as I get older my energy level isn’t what it used to be so trying to find good places for those things is a bit difficult. Please keep this in mind and perhaps contact a thrift store or a shelter that can use those precious things.

For anyone interested in seeing how they may help with our homeless efforts in our community please contact Kathy Powell at