Building and Grounds – March, 2018

by Linda Pietzak

It is amazing how the monthly Work Parties can be so different. The February Work Party had three of our members off camping for the long weekend. We still had a good group of volunteers show up. Several of the people were new to our Work Party. Their work is really appreciated.

We also had members of a Covenant Group come to present a project idea to make the entry to the church more visible. It is the second or third group to volunteer their time. What a good idea someone had for the Groups to volunteer to help at the church. The group that came consisted of Susan Franzblau, Phoebe Higgins, and Diane Walmsey. The group’s co-facilitator is Veronica Bear. Watch for the implementations they have in mind.

There were two points of focus for the February Work Party; (1) pulling weeds along the front of the church and (2) sweeping the parking lot.

Kitty Merrill, Georges Naugles, and Geoff Dann tackled the weeds. The parking lot was swept by Haibiba Peterson, Geoff Dann, Ted Lombard, Jean Skinner, and Phil Wiseman. Merle Oberg and Wil Devine worked on the front sprinkler system.

Linda Pietrzak worked on training the ants in the kitchen to go in to the ant traps. In another month or so they may learn. Wil and Geoff worked on a sticking restroom door. Geoff checked the lights. We all wear many hats each Work Party day.

Everyone worked so long and diligently that they forgot my favorite part, “Kickback, socialize, relax, and eat snacks.” We’d love to see more of you come out for that part of the morning. Contact Linda Pietrzak: