From the Stewardship Team – February, 2018

Building a New Way
We are “Building a New Way” using a new/old system for our Stewardship Drive, going back to what worked well many years ago. This year we will be talking face-to-face with you to hear your comments about what makes you grateful about your experiences with this church. These conversations allow you to share your feelings about your church involvement, and they help us all move into the future renewed and inspired. They are also times where we get to know each other better.

Please respond when canvas volunteers calls you in March to ask for an appointment to meet with you for your conversation, and to determine your level of financial support for next year. Yes, these visits will be about your pledges for the 2018-2019 operating funds, though they will also be about the church and how we create its mission together. Most people come away saying it was way more fun that they expected. (Miles better than, say, a call from the IRS about money….)

We, as a congregation, are constantly building a new way based upon love and generosity. Our sanctuary and classrooms are overflowing with people who want and need what we offer. Help us build our community of inclusion, acceptance, and understanding. Please take the time to respond and meet with one of our volunteers during this year’s member to member canvas. Your participation will remind you of how lucky we are to have each other and our shared vision of what each of us and the world needs.

Contact: Maura Raffensperger: