Buildings and Grounds – February, 2018

by Linda Pietrzak

It is amazing how much work can get done when you get seven B&G people focused on a single goal. The goal was to remove the dead bushes along the block wall on the west side of the property as well as the majority of the pine needles. We had a three-cubic yard (a small dumpster) dumpster delivered to the property for the Work Party. Mike Sixbey, Bill Peltola, George and Ruth Owens, Geoff Dann, Joyce Sattler, and Haibiba Peterson all pitched in and filled the dumpster including stomping down the pine needles, at least the same amount of debris was put into plastic bags, the three toters were also topped off. AND there is still one more bush at the very back of the property!! I hope you got a chance to notice the improvement when you do please thank them for their hard work.

Geoff Dann checked the lighting in the sanctuary. Linda Pietrzak watered the olive tree by the entrance and cut up two large carboard boxes. Merle Oberg repaired one sprinkler out front. The second sprinkler got him before he could repair it. His coat got quite wet. Such dedication!

Thank goodness the repairs on the gutters were completed before the big rain storm and didn’t appear to leak. Without this work the damage could have been substantial.

It was such a busy Saturday for our church family. Not only were there all the parades and demonstrations commemorating the Women’s March last year, there was a new member orientation, and a UU Board retreat.
What makes the B&G people so special is several people wanted to know when they could come and make up the time they missed. I love these people.

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