7th Principle Environmental Action Team News – February, 2018

Let the Sun Shine!
by Jim Merrill

The new year seemed like a great time to check in on our church’s rooftop solar electric production. At the January 7 meeting of 7PEAT (Seventh Principle Environmental Action Team), we learned since the installation of our solar panels in 2015, our church rooftop generation plant has produced 74,750 kWh (kilowatt hours) of electricity. To put that figure, 74,750 kWh, in perspective, the average California home uses 6,684 kWh annually. So our rooftop panels have generated enough power for 11.2 California homes per year since 2015.

If you are wondering if solar power is right for you, keep an eye open for a panel talk on solar power from 7PEAT group this spring.

The 7PEAT team is glad to share how we as a congregation are reducing our carbon footprint through photovoltaic generation and through our many other sustainability initiatives.

Contact: Jim Merrill: merrilly@verizon.net