7PEAT Holidays Waste Reduction Reminder – December, 2017

By Mark Mendelsohn

Thanks to you all for bringing in your soft plastics and putting them in the gray bin in the kitchen. Because we take them to Blanchard Community Library, our recycling partner in Santa Paula, we’re together diverting a lot of waste from the landfills! And we have an update: in addition to clear plastic bags, film, wrappers, and bubble/shrink wrap, we just learned foil-lined pouches commonly used for snacks like popcorn or chip bags, protein or granola bars can also be recycled with the soft plastics.

Think GREEN this holiday season. How can you reduce, reuse and recycle, instead of buying new, consuming, and throwing out? For example, gift experiences rather than things, creatively reuse paper/bags for wrapping, recycle/compost your tree, and have fun with low/zero-waste parties with a vegan emphasis. Let us honor those people less fortunate, as well as our native flora and fauna, and thank each other for living out the 7th Principle!