Buildings and Grounds – July, 2017

by Linda Pietrzak

If you want to meet some new people at church, come on out to a Building and Grounds Work Party held on the third Saturday of each month. Get to know someone new while doing something nice for the church.

In May, we cut down an Australian willow tree before it fell down, planted some shrubs by the church sign, swept, raked, and watered. Those who helped were Shirin Anderson, Lisa Connolly, Michelle Allen, Bryan Buck, Mike Sixbey, Mike Duffy, Merle Oberg, Kitty Merrill, Rob, Cindy Camillucci, Joyce Sattler, and Linda Pietrzak.

Joyce Sattler, Bryan Buck, Kitty Merrill, Mike Duffy, Mike Sixbey, Cindy Camillucci, Rev Dana Worsnop, Bill Peltola, Geoff Dann, Alan Peters, and Mia Michaels attended the June workparty.

They worked on many small projects: tightening a base on the wobbly gong, moving last month’s firewood to a location near the bike path so that anyone can help themselves, checking fluorescent lights, and adjusting a door stop.

The Lost and Found was updated, weeds and dead shrubbery were removed, plants were watered, the glass tables were moved to the trash, things were swept up, and pine needles raked.

I hope everyone who comes out feels good about the gift they have given the church. They are also welcome to come to a B&G committee meeting on the second Wednesday of the month. It is another level of commitment to the church and a really great group of people to work with.