Buildings and Grounds – May 2017

by Linda Pietrzak

What a gift from one of the Covenant Groups! They selected helping at a B&G Work Party. Since they couldn’t all come on the same day, three members came to the April Work Party and more will come in May.

Bryan Buck chose to do trash pick-up around the property, Lauren Copus and Stephanie Tiffany planted succulents in the Olive Garden near the church entrance and in front by the church sign. The plantings look great and the trash pick-up is always a blessing. They also did some sweeping in front of the church entry so it would be welcoming for the Easter Service.

The B&G Committee has been working on com­pleting tasks recommended by Church Mutual, our insurance company. We are down to the last three. Two of the three were fixes that didn’t work, but will be taken care of this month. Doug Tate discovered that the child safety outlet covers were more of a hazard than a fix. John Puccetti is getting covers for backflow valves.

The third is finally begun! You may recognize how big that is when I tell you that it is to clean out the B&G Storage Closet. Thank you Michael Akseven for starting the project and for taking the old paint to be disposed of.

The rest of the Work Party crew worked around the grounds. Sherry Anderson, also, planted succulents. Chelsea Tate and Linda Pietrzak tackled the rose­mary bush (that was on its way to becoming a tree). Merle Oberg worked on some irrigation issues. Cindy Camillucci weeded the Meditation Path. Mike Sixbey did weed removal around the grounds. Joyce Sattler guided us to work opportunities and picked up trash around the parking lots.

During the week, Joyce and Linda painted over two sets of graffiti. And there was still time to Kick Back, Relax, and Enjoy Snacks.