Building and Grounds News – April, 2017

Have you been coming to UUCV for a while but not making connections? An easy way to do this is to volunteer. We love volunteers at our B&G Work Party. No commitment necessary, just show up on the third Saturday of the month at 9am. Choose from a list of jobs that need completing, one that matches your interests and skills. Soon you will feel the pride of being a part of the whole church, the building, the grounds and the people.

Eight intrepid workers showed up for the B&G Work Party on a drizzly wet morning in February. In attendance were Mike Sixbey, Geoff Dann, Merle Oberg, Joyce Sattler, Cindy Camillucci, Bill Peltola, Linda Pietrzak and Kitty Merrill. Work inside the church included: installing baby changing tables in the RE restrooms, moving furniture, replacing burned out fluorescent light tubes, installing new emergency lights and cleaning out the Lost and Found. Work on the outside church grounds included: pulling weeds, raking pine needles, clearing drains, and cleaning up the trash enclosure.

What a difference a month makes. In March, Mike Sixbey, Bill Peltola, Geoff Dann, Bryan Buck, Linda Pietrzak, Cindy Camillucci, Merle Oberg and Joyce Sattler attended the work party. We focused our energy on weed removal and parking lot cleanup. In addition five members of the Friendship Sangha of the Heart, Neil Ortenberg, Anna Mares, Chris Garlington, Lisa, Otero and Dave Davidson, worked to weed and clean-up the meditation path. At the end of our work party we marveled at the improvement to the church yard. We felt proud of our crew for showing up and pitching in. Please thank them and plan to join us next month!

– Linda Pietrzak and Joyce Sattler