Pre-K to 2nd Grade

Chalice Children – Classroom 1 2017-18 Curriculum: Free to Believe

From Sheltering Spirit: The Shelter Rock Faith Curriculum

This curriculum nurtures children’s spiritual, social, and ethical growth through the 7 principles.

In its first two-thirds of the year, Free to Believe explores UU principles through hands-on activities, stories, games, songs, and discussions. Then for six weeks it uses a similar mix to explore answers offered by UU sources to big questions about life and death, spirit and God, and the beginnings of world and life.

Along the way, children enjoy
such things as star tag, animal
masks, acts-of-kindness
coupon books, rice pictures,
ribbon walks, trash sculpture,
cooperative musical rugs, scratch-art creation drawings, animal charades, the WEBGO game, and UU clay tiles.

Free to Believe is a component of Sheltering Spirit: the Shelter Rock Faith Curriculum. That’s a series of four programs and a guide developed by the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock, in Manhasset, New York, together with Green Timber Publications – a series that has proved highly popular with congregations throughout the United States and Canada. An adapting sheet helps you change activities that are specific to Shelter Rock.

Each session includes Sharing Time, Movement Time, Social Time, Activity Time, Exploring Time, Inner Time, and Closing Time. Throughout the program, participants work on “My UU Principles” booklets.